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Feb 17
Best Homestay with Private Pools in Melaka

A Famosa, Stadthuys, Jonker Street, and perhaps, Baba & Nyonya — these are the things that often come to mind whenever we think of Melaka. Famously known for its rich history and old colonial structures, Melaka has also been attracting tourists from all over Malaysia with its vibrant culinary scene and unique culture. Image source: […]

Sep 30
Hotel Review – KLoé Hotel Kuala Lumpur

When Malaysia government announced MCO lifted from phase 1 to phase 2, I got excited for a minute as the SOP restrictions are ease down to provide us more freedom. But since the Covid-19 cases are still high, I’ve decided to hang on until the situation get better. Soon, the vaccination rate has increased, the […]

Sep 22
Best Homestays and Villas in Hulu Langat

When speaking of nature retreats and quiet weekend getaways, most people would straight away think of places like Janda Baik, Fraser Hill, Cameron Highland, and so on. But do you actually know that some of the best villas with serene surroundings can be found in Hulu Langat district which can be reached in just under […]

Jul 18
Exploring Janda Baik: Top Things to Do and Where to Eat

Image source: jandabaikpahang.blogspota Beautiful mother nature, dense forests, rolling hills, fogs and mists – these are the words that come to mind whenever you think about Janda Baik. Located in Bentong District, Pahang, this rural village of Janda Baik can be reached in just under an hour from Kuala Lumpur. For those who are curious, Janda Baik […]

Mar 10
10 Most Unique Glamping Sites in Malaysia

Want to turn a girl’s day/night out into a glamping trip? Or are you simply curious about some of the top glamping sites in Malaysia? Imagine waking up, surrounded by the forest greens, the chirping sound of birds and the fresh air of the morning. But, you can’t help imagining the nightmare of all the […]

Jan 07
Top 10 Luxurious Villa with Pool in Malaysia

Searching for luxurious villa for your holidays off the beaten track? You will never run out of stuff to do in this Southeast Asian heaven full of rainforests, secret beaches, and adventures in Malaysia. The thought of staying in a villa is probably often an exciting one, with a longing that gets even stronger the […]

Dec 09
Nami by the sea – Airbnb Interview

When we think of Terengganu, we usually immediately associate the place with sea turtles. Some of us might think of the famous floating mosque, while others think about the short boat ride to Pulau Redang. However, nestled right at the seashore Terengganu is famous for is also a district called Dungun, which is where our […]

Nov 24
Best Boutique Hotels in George Town Penang

Penang was a former British colony known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient,’ where commerce flourished, with traders flocking to pass this trade route from all parts of the world. Indulge yourself in this most beautiful exotic city of scrumptious cuisine, rich heritage, and cultural delights, well-known for its highly diverse population, ethnic groups, and […]

Oct 31
Converted bus – Rumah No.2 – Interview

Most of us have thought about staying in a caravan, a moving van or something similar as a child, but some students and staff from Universiti Malaya and their partners have turned this idea into reality! Today, we feature Rumah No. 2, a bus from Universiti Malaya repurposed into a cozy, energy-saving Airbnb! The exterior […]