Placefu is a niche directory where you as a business owner can leverage on other’s lodging, cafés and attractions included on the curated list.

Travellers will discover your Insta-worthy place with just a few clicks.

Get Shout-Outs on Social Media, Monthly

Social Media is key to get more exposure. Your place will be featured / shout-out on our social media platforms for prospect to see every month.

Get featured on Blogs

Blogs are an excellent place to reach a wider audience without investing much time and money. Your place will be constantly featured on related blog posts that share the same topics.

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Get Seen by Everyone

Don’t get buried by the competition. We set listings to display randomly in the search results by default. All listings get to be on the 1st page on Placefu.

Direct Contact

Contact with your prospects is direct, no intermediaries. This makes your customers feel safer and more open to contact you via Whatsapp or call to make bookings or reservations.

Optimize your listing

You’re the one to decide rules, conditions and prices and you can edit every detail to make your business more attractive to your prospects.

Promotion for Restaurants and Cafes

Your business will show up when lodging prospects search for aesthetic places to eat or hang out nearby.

Engage with Your Customers

Stay on top of feedback and respond to reviews as soon as they come in. Engage with your customers and keep them coming back.

Listing stats (coming soon)

See what’s happening on your page. Track clicks, page visits - and learn more about your potential customers.

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