Our Story

We are Andrew and Syeng, a husband and wife coming from the art and design background based in Singapore.

We love to explore aesthetic home, lodging, and insta-worthy cafe. While we were doing design research for our first Airbnb – Artsy Guesthouse. We found out there are many unique and artful lodgings throughout Malaysia. Some of them are not well discovered, which could be buried by the fierce competition on the booking platforms. Hence, we founded Placefu, a curated directory for traveller to discover aesthetic Placefu lodging and places.

Since then, Placefu started to curate lodging and places i-e cafes, each with their own uniqueness and reflecting the diversity of Malaysia’s wonderful culture. 

While Placefu may be a side hustle for us, we found joy in helping travellers to find unique or aesthetic places to eat, drink and stay whether it’s a a restaurant, a homestay, a hostel, or even a boutique hotel

So, we collaborate with the business owners around Malaysia, uniting a community who loves hosting guests and travellers as well as making their places different from the others.

Discover the beauty of lodging & places with Placefu

Your vacations do not stop when it’s time to rest for the night. It is during these hours that you wind down and finds comfort in the lodging of your choice.

You probably already noticed that each lodging and place is unique to their hosts. Each has their own dreams and ideas of a perfect holiday home, and they take months to renovate, furnish and decorate the space to make everything come true. 

The results? Their idea is clearly reflected in their work – the very lodging that you are staying in while you visit Malaysia and explore everything we have to offer. 

This is where we come in. We want to make sure that you end each night of your vacation in a way that is just as unique as your day-time tour. So, we hand-pick lodgings around Malaysia with their own set of unique traits and feature the best ones here.

Host's Story

We interview invited host and feature their inspiration, journey, complications and success stories as they create the lodging. Expect raw, true stories as they detail how a concept turned into reality.

Authentic Images

The host provide us with authentic images of their lodging and the surroundings so that you can have a clear idea of what to expect when you’re there. There won’t be any misleading images!


Our selected hosts will share some insider views on the best eateries, tourist spots, and hidden gems near their place. 

Direct Booking

Our listing will link directly to their preferred booking platform, Facebook, and their contacts. So that you can complete your inquiries & book with them directly.

Curated lodging and places on Placefu for Your Staying Experience

As a Airbnb host and traveller ourselves, we understand what our guests are looking for in their lodging choices.

You see, even today we are still inspired by the amazing experiences that each lodging brings to their guests, hoping to give the same if not more to our own guests.​

As such, we want to make our curated directory that travelers can rely on to find their one-of-a-kind lodging for their staycation.

Here’s how our Placefu curated lodging and places are carefully chosen

Insta-Worthy Aesthetics

A one-of-a-kind lodging experience can only be made with a similarly unique space aesthetic.You can be certain that our collection are going to be Insta-worthy to say the very least!

High Rating & Review

Only lodging with decent amount of good ratings and reviews from the various platforms by their previous guests is chosen. We want to ensure that you will have the best-staying experience.

If you’re a traveller/visitor looking for a place to eat or stay, we’re confident that our list will provide you with Insta-worthy and great hospitality experience. 

We welcome you to browse our collection and find the perfect place for your next trip.

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