Discover thier Stories

We believe every unique Airbnb/lodging has a story to tell, inspiring stories that make us want to get there and experience the place.
Therefore, we determine to discover new lodging, curate them and explore their stories. Bring them to you each month. Let's find out what makes their place special, learn more behind the scene, discover the hidden gem and food around them!

May 20
Homestay 49 | 四九小筑 – Interview

Always wishing to indulge yourself in nature but having trouble to find a suitable…

May 13
The Brown Stone Hostel & Space – INTERVIEW

When you take a look at The Brownstone Hostel & Space, Ipoh, you’ll immediately…

Apr 27
Spyder Hill – INTERVIEW

This month, we feature an amazing lodging located next to the Berembun forest reserve…

Feb 15
Jiran58 Guesthouse Airbnb – INTERVIEW

Are you a fan of simple, clean and modern home designs? If you are, then we think…

Jan 27
Paper Plane Hostel KL – INTERVIEW

How cool would it be to build an entire hostel project from the ground-up with your…

Nov 15
House of Throne | Host Wedding Events – INTERVIEW

The House of Throne Hostel is a quaint and unique Airbnb guesthouse located along…