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Dec 09
Nami by the sea – Airbnb Interview

When we think of Terengganu, we usually immediately associate the place with sea turtles. Some of us might think of the famous floating mosque, while others think about the short boat ride to Pulau Redang. However, nestled right at the seashore Terengganu is famous for is also a district called Dungun, which is where our […]

Oct 31
Converted bus – Rumah No.2 – Interview

Most of us have thought about staying in a caravan, a moving van or something similar as a child, but some students and staff from Universiti Malaya and their partners have turned this idea into reality! Today, we feature Rumah No. 2, a bus from Universiti Malaya repurposed into a cozy, energy-saving Airbnb! The exterior […]

Sep 24
Ukkay Kudat – Interview

Sabah is well-known among Malaysians and international tourists for Kota Kinabalu, that much we cannot deny.  However, our special guest today has brought an important fact to our attention – there is much more to Sabah than meets the eye, and we should all stop to smell the flowers once in a while. Well, this […]

Aug 27
Hostel Ah Wai, Hostel Ah Zhi – Interview

Hostels are often a budget staycation option for families looking to make the most out of their holidays. That’s because hostels often center around a shared-space concept with other strangers – backpackers, long-term tourists and the like.  Many would imagine that these hostels would not be very comfortable to stay in, but Hostel Ah Wai, […]

Jul 21
Stay SongSong – Interview

Ah, ‘Stay SongSong’. If you’re familiar with the Hokkien dialect, you would already find this to be a cheeky name for an Airbnb. Just how ‘song’ is this homestay? What makes it so different from other Airbnbs in Penang? Oh, boy, do we have a treat for you! A look of the exterior of Stay […]

Jun 22
The Happy 8 Retreat – Interview

We already love the name of Happy 8 Retreat at first glance. The happy, welcoming name just barely touches the surface of the eye-opening treats that this place has to offer.  In total, Happy 8 Retreat has four branches located throughout Perak; Three branches in Ipoh, the city center, and one in Kuala Sepetang. So, […]

May 20
Homestay 49 | 四九小筑 – Interview

Always wishing to indulge yourself in nature but having trouble to find a suitable place for staycation? No worries, we got you ‘Homestay 49’ as your choice! It is a cozy and beautiful space enveloped in lush greenery and what’s more amazing is, you’ll be able to experience a retro tour with relish here! Homestay […]

May 13
The Brown Stone Hostel & Space – INTERVIEW

When you take a look at The Brownstone Hostel & Space, Ipoh, you’ll immediately fall in love with its aesthetics. There’s just so much to admire and nothing that’s not to like! Located in Ipoh, The Brownstone aesthetics relies heavily on maintaining the traditional structures, while decorating the interior space with modern and an almost […]

Apr 27
Spyder Hill – INTERVIEW

This month, we feature an amazing lodging located next to the Berembun forest reserve in Seremban. Just like many other vacation homes and lodgings that we have featured on our site, Spyder Hill is a place that you will fall in love with if you’re looking for nature get-away. Berembun Forest When you reach Spyder […]