10 Most Unique Glamping Sites in Malaysia

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Want to turn a girl’s day/night out into a glamping trip? Or are you simply curious about some of the top glamping sites in Malaysia?

Imagine waking up, surrounded by the forest greens, the chirping sound of birds and the fresh air of the morning.

bad things about camping in Malaysia

But, you can’t help imagining the nightmare of all the stuff that can go wrong with camping; the tent you set up to be destroyed by heavy wind or heavy rain, the mosquitoes that attack you all night long, the sleepless cold night, the rough surface that gives you backaches in the morning, and even the fight to find a place to shower!

What if you can’t find a river nearby, or the water is murky even if you do? That sounds like a nightmare!

Fortunately, there’s a solution for you to satisfy your urge for camping without all the worries.

Glamping! Glamping is camping, literally, but glamorous! From a large tent with facilities to a bathroom, all the nightmares that come with traditional camping will disappear!


Glamping is a word that originated from the combination of the words “Glamorous” andCamping”. Glamping is a perfect option if you can’t leave your air conditioning and a working toilet behind!

There is no need to search department stores and spend loads of money on equipment for camping or spend hours looking for the best campsites. Glamping does it for you.

The best part is: electricity and wifi are available, so you know you can have the luxuries of home for the whole trip while living with nature at the same time.

Unique Glamping Sites in Malaysia


Dusun Bonda

This glamping site was inspired by the love of a mother, which is where its respective name (Bonda) is derived from. 

With hanging lights that glow like fireflies in the night and a rustic, cosy assortment of beautifully decorated huts for visitors to enjoy, it’s a fitting label, given that the aesthetic of Dusun Bonda emanates such an endearing vibe.

Dusun Bonda Pool

Not to mention, the whole spot is located within a fruit orchard surrounded by a lush tropical environment. 

There’s also plenty to do. Look forward to enjoying hot springs and an outdoor pool, exploring hiking trails and engaging in kid-friendly activities for families.

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Location: Lot 2121 (2996) Jalan Ulu Tamu, Kampung Orang Asli Gurney, Ulu Tamu, 44300 Batang Kali, Selangor, Malaysia

Tiarasa Escapes Glamping Resort

Tiarasa Escapes Glamping Resort Janda Baik

Image source: Tiarasa Escapes Facebook

One look at the gorgeous structures in the Tiarasa Escapes vicinity, and it’s clear that this spot exudes magnificence.

Large, rustic villas built on rigid stilts and smaller yet still cosy tents with elegant interiors, wide-open spaces, well-placed water elements and soft, comfy beds are all part and parcel of a stay here, surrounded of course by the splendour of nature.

There are some 20 luxurious safari-style tents here and 5 colossal treehouses. It’s a 45 minute-ride from KL and is known for being one of the best high-end glamping options around.

Ficus Tree House at Tiarasa Escapes

Consider lighting bonfires, partaking in some bird watching, watching a movie under the moonlight, and trying out other amazing activities at this spot.

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Location: Persiaran Enderong, Kampung Janda Baik, 28750 Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia 

Gopeng Glamping Park

Gopeng Glamping Park Tent Night

Image source: Gopeng Glamping Facebook

The Gopeng Glamping Park is considered one of the more renowned and established glamping hotspots in West Malaysia. 

Looking for a spot for corporate team building or family vacations, large group retreats or a private activities getaway? They have it all!

Gopeng Glamping Park Overview

Featuring the vast picturesque landscapes of greenery and dense wilderness that the state of Perak is so well-known for, Gopeng Glamping simply outdoes itself with a uniquely designed ensemble of experiences fit for almost any occasion.

There’s free WiFi and there are buffet meals, BBQ dinners, as well as a host of other facilities to choose from. 

Yet, Gopen Glamping Park is balanced between luxury and simplicity, so that you don’t have to lose touch with nature’s splendour.

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Location: Lot 10846, Jalan Besar, kampung chulek, 31600 Gopeng, Perak, Malaysia

Serengeti Tent by The Sticks Guide

The Sticks Guide Glamping Tent
Serengeti Tent

The Sticks’ tongue-in-cheek tagline; “Get Lost, Naturally”, says it all. It’s a fun, uncomplicated and exciting glamping spot that unmistakably places nature at its core foundation.

The Sticks Guide chilling

Beautiful rainforest streams, adventurous trekking routes, scrumptious home-cooked food and long lazy naps in the traditional ‘tendok’ are just some key aspects that make this trip so worthwhile.

It’s just an hour away from Kuala Lumpur too, which makes it feel so far away yet completely accessible. 

The Serengeti Tent, among the other fabulous accommodations, can be described as a stay that’s comfortable enough to be considered glamping but rugged enough to remind visitors of the natural environment that surrounds them.

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Location: Lot 213 Jalan KKB – Fraser’s Hill, 44000 Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor, Malaysia

Glamz at Genting

Glamz At Genting Dome Room

Image source: Glamz Space Facebook

Genting Highlands has developed an unmatched reputation for being the iconic misty getaway from the hot and humid lowlands of Kuala Lumpur city. The Glamz Glamping spot reinforces the strength of Malaysia’s renowned destination.

Glamz At Genting overview

A unique gem that’s designed to surround visitors with the highland’s rainforest atmosphere, Glamz is essentially an events space and accommodation wrapped in one, but with the ability to bring one closer to nature.

Chic dome rooms, cosy bell tents and trendy millennial lodges make up the stay opportunities here. Of course, event hosting is a definite possibility too, whether for a corporate get together or a small congregation.

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Location: 1, Jalan Meranti, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

Umea Glam Kundasang

Looking to revel in the unique and gorgeous forest landscapes of Sabah?

Umea Glam Kundasang-sabah-glamping

Consider dropping by the Umea Glam Kundasang glamping spot!

Owned by four Sabahan founders, Umea Glam as a concept was conceived of by the four friends when they were inspired to build something unique in Sabah, specifically at Kundasang (which they frequented).

Umea Glam Kundasang tents 2

There are 4 domes, ample facilities, rustic wooden boards with white and mixed coloured interiors, and plenty of natural brilliance.

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Location: Jalan Golf Course Mesilou, 89308 Kundasang, Sabah, Malaysia

Sea Horizon Resort

Sea Horizon Resort Glamping SeaviewJohor

Image source: Sea Horizon Facebook

Moving on to the popular state of Johor, the Sea Horizon Resort offers its own version of the Glamping experience for all to enjoy. 

The brilliantly built resort is already known for being a lovely cliffside spot. Expect a minimalist, luxurious approach to the vacation experience.

Here, gorgeous dome options allow you to gaze at the beautiful night sky, stargaze in plush beds and lose yourself in the simplicity of nature.

Sea Horizon Resort Glamping Johor

The interiors are comfy, fitted with television sets, large drapes, spacious bathrooms and awesome balconies that look over the lovely shores by the sea.

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Location: Lot 901, Kuala Sedili Besar, 81900 Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia

Tanah Aina Fahad

Just 2.5 hours away from Kuala Lumpur, compared to the hustle and bustle of the city centre, Tanah Aina Fahad is an improvement to your regular environment. 

All rooms are fitted with lighting, ventilators, electrical outlets, beds and sheets, making it family-friendly. 

Tanah Aina Raub-king-tent-2
Tanah Aina-king-tent

Image source: Tanah Aina Fahad site

At Tanah Aina Fahad, a famous glamping resort, escape from city life and enjoy mother nature. With a guided jungle trekking experience and fun board games, you will find yourself enjoying the scenic views of the forest here! 

Staying here will carry you the soothing sounds of the flow of the river and the spectacular views of Sungai Dong. 

Tanah Aina Fahad is an eight-acre resort in a rainforest. Upon your arrival, expect to be welcomed and serenaded by the sounds of the river. 

Be sure to cross the bridge to admire the scenery of the river valley as well as enjoy the plants and wildflowers with exotic smells.

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Location: Lot 1053, Mukim Ulu Dong, Raub, Pahang 

Tadom Hill Resorts

Hard to believe, but it is possible to find a peaceful resort within 15 minutes of leaving KLIA(Kuala Lumpur International Airport), where you will be one with nature. 


The Tadom Hill Resort in Selangor provides some of the finest glamping sites in Malaysia. The resort is only a quarter of an hour from the city of Kuala Lumpur.

The resort is ecologically self-sustaining and set in an idyllic location; forty acres of woodland, lakes, rivers and imposing limestone hills of natural space. In the areas close to Kuala Lumpur and beyond, nature walks here are not like anything you’ve experienced before.

You can find that the resort is constructed by bamboo harvested around it. Bamboo grows rapidly and so at all times there is always bamboo to be harvested.


The Garden and Lakeside Bamboo Tent enable you and your loved ones have an intimate time enjoying nature under the stars, with 6 styles of accommodation to choose from. 


By far, the Tadom Hill Resorts offer the widest range of activities, from recreational land to water activities such as the Zipline adventure and archery. It is the ideal excuse for placing Tadom Hill Resorts on your itinerary. 

zipline adventure at Tadom Hill Resorts

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Location: Lot 2121 (2996) Jalan Ulu Tamu, Kampung Orang Asli Gurney, Ulu Tamu, 44300 Batang Kali, Selangor, Malaysia

Time Capsule Retreat

In the centre of Sungai Lembing Town in Kuantan, you will find these quirky time capsules situated opposite a lush forest reserve.


Image source: Time Capsule Facebook

The capsule faces a lush forest reserve that enables you to enjoy wonderful nature views, cool temperatures and a fantastic atmosphere ideal for a relaxing glamping experience!

By hiking up the hill nearby or joining the rainbow waterfall tour, you will experience an exciting nature escape that will amaze you with an outstanding view of the rainbow!


Their ‘capsule quarters’ are what separates the Time Capsule Escape from the rest of the locations.

On the outside, they can look basic as long as you can fit everything you’ve brought with you into a circular space, but you will have the comfort of a queen-size bed and warm lighting to keep you cosy at night. 

For couples who are nature lovers, it’s a great getaway: right outside your capsule is the vast view of the.

Choose from an assortment of eight activities to add some spice to your trip while you’re at the Time Capsule Retreat. Explore the Sungai Lembing Museum or enjoy the Rainbow Waterfall’s utterly breathtaking view.

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Location: Sungai Lembing, 26200 Sungai Lembing, Pahang, Malaysia

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