5 Reasons Why You Should Stay Overnight in JB

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You might find yourself traveling to JB for a business or shopping trip from Singapore, Melaka, KL or any other places nearby – not a lengthy one, you would only need to be there for several hours. After that, you can enjoy most popular night activities in JB

Sure, you can head back once your task is completed, but there are 5 good reasons why you should stay for over-night activities in JB even if it’s for a short trip. Let’s dive in,


Rejuvenation & Relaxation Night Activity

It’s been a long day, travelling to JB for the few hours of work or day trip. Heading back immediately afterwards would simply be too tiring, especially so when you will still need to unpack, do your laundry, get your dinner, so on and so forth.

We recommend that you find a place to stay and relax before heading back early next morning. You’ll have lots of time to spare for your tasks without feeling too tired.

After long hour drive or walk you must feel exhausted, why not give your body rejuvenation at Bangkok Spa?

You can find traditional thai massage and reflexology to all range of social, from men to women, and senior citizens.

Or you could simply enjoy a sunset view and walk along the beach at Princess Cove or Danga Bay located in the downtown of Johor bahru.

All these can make yourself relax yet and get you to recharge for the next day!

Visit the Night Markets (Pasar Malam)

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Let’s just admit it – night market food and snacks are the best night activities in JB. Just one trip around the entire night market and you would be full from the snacks that you buy as you go.

Sure, you have gone to the night markets around your hometown, but you might find interesting snacks and flavours from the JB night markets. A simple Google search for ‘night markets around me’ will show you which night markets are open when you visit.

You’ll never know if you don’t try, so do stay and visit one!

Causeway Traffic Jam

Image credit : The Straits Times

The morning traffic jam is predictable – JB peeps travel to work early in the morning like 6-8am, but you can escape this jam if you travel a little later in the morning on weekday from woodland checkpoint Singapore.

Evening jam however, is less predictable. You might have people returning from work, traveling around for leisure, heading to shopping centers.

A little pinch of bad luck is all that is needed for you to be stuck in a 2-hour causeway traffic jam in the late evening, so stay overnight and opt for early travelling the next day instead.

Plan your time ahead to avoid rush hour jam at the causeway!

Visit Shopping Malls

You’re in JB, which means that you can easily find shopping malls around you. You can visit KSL Mall, City Square and several others located just near the JB customs and shop for anything you like before you get home.

You might just find yourself a good deal if there are ongoing promotions at the mall! After all, JB prices would be considered fairly cheap compared to Klang Valley or Singapore, so don’t forget to shop till you drop!

Midnight Movies & Entertainment

There are plenty of night activities in JB like fun and entertainment to offer. You can always find a pleasant place to stay, settle down and have your dinner, and book a ticket for your midnight movie session at the cinema! When was the last time you enjoyed a midnight movie anyways?

These sessions are rarely ever crowded, and if you enjoy horror flicks you will definitely love the midnight horror atmosphere. Midnight movie sessions are even more fun if you are travelling with company!

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With all these reasons in mind, we hope that you will stay around JB a little longer to explore everything that this city has to offer.


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