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Pasar Karat Night Market

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Night market or known as Pasar Malam in Malay language, is the most favourite place to eat and shop among Malaysian and tourists. Night Market in JB has its own importance as compare to all other attractions in Malaysia.

Many could not resist the local street food, snack, fruits, fashionable goods, household items and many more at the affordable price.

Not only the foods and goods that attract the people but also it’s setup up at night, so that can moderate the hot weather during the daytime. That would also allows many local communities to spend their dinner there after the working hours.

However, night markets in Singapore are quite different than night markets in JB in terms of the foods, environment and feels due to the local authorities are strict in controlling the food hygiene, environment cleanliness and traffic regulations.

Every stall at the night market in JB tends to be a bit clusters, but the good thing is the market is usually sheltered so no need to worry when it rains, the bad is tend to be muggy due to air circulation are restricted. The food are usually towards healthy direction by having less oily and salty.

Unlike night markets in Malaysia are tend to be a bit messy, traffic congestion nearby and foods are usually nicer as it is a bit more oily and salty which makes it tastier! So don’t expect the level of hygiene and cleanliness in singapore. It doesn’t stop many Singaporeans break the gateway to JB just to eat the street food at the pasar malam!

Pasar Malam in Malaysia usually held in the residential area on the cordoned road during the evening on a weekly basis, some locations held 2 night markets nearby, one mainly cater for Malay community as in offer more on Halal snack and meals. Another one are selling more in chinese food.

There are all kind of stall you can find for clothing, fashionable items, phone accessories, toys, furnitures, fishmonger and many more that are interesting and out of your imagination. Some of the largest night market in JB offer variety of food ranging from Japanese, Taiwan, China, Malay to Italian food like Pizza!

All sort of foods and drinks that you can’t find in Singapore can be found in Malaysia. Some vendors like Asam Laksa, Fried Kuey Teow offer table & chair for “Dine’in” but usually hardly can find a seat due to the limited space and often overly crowded especially during the weekend and holiday season.

It is fun to buy food from different stall and enjoy the food while you walking, this could cause your shirt dirty with the food sauce.

Perhaps you can find a empty corner or “lorong” (alley) nearby to finish up and then continue, Most locals will just take away and enjoy at the comfort of their home with the family member.

You could also bring back the food to enjoy at the homestay as it comes with the kitchen to provide you the plates and utensils.

With more than 50 night markets can be found in JB from Monday to Sunday, which are the best and worth visit?

Here in this article I will feature one night market in JB for each day that are popular among travellers from Singapore and the locals.

Some name it KSL City Night Market is one of the famous Pasar Malam in JB. Many Singaporean go to this night market due to its close approximate to CIQ with less than 15 mins driving.

Located from the main entrance of KSL Resort stretches over to Grand Paragon Hotel about 700m long.

You can find variety of food like Carrot Cake, Satay, Rojak, Grilled Seafood, Char Kuey Teow, Chili Crab and many more you name it! There are some popular food stall like Ngee Heng Chwee Kueh, JB HK Style Carrot Cake, “Amy Yip” pork bao at the DimSum stall, BBQ Seafood, and the Muah Chee stall.

Normally will be getting crowded around 7pm onwards, so if you reach there about 5:30pm-6pm that will be the best time to walk comfortably.

Image credit : KSL 80

Take note if you bring along kids, first stretch of the pasar malam near the mall only have one side of stalls and there’re cars moving in the opposite direction, just be vigilant and ensure your belongings are secured.

Hope you could get rid of Monday Blue by going to this pasar malam for all the food and stuff there that might excite you.

Public Bus from CIQ JB to KSL :

Take the bus S1 or Yellow Bus (Causeway link) at the lane 2 & 3, it costs RM 1.50 one way.

Location: Jalan Seladang

Hours: 5pm-10pm 

Located near the Aeon Tebrau City mall, it takes about 30 mins drive from CIQ JB, It’s in the shophouse area stretches over 600m long.

There’s this popular mobile stall that selling traditional assorted Kueh at every competitive price about RM0.60 each.

They set up the stall in front their van around 4pm. Even Though it’s very early but the queue started to form up and the kuehs are selling fast! that’s exceptional from other kueh stalls at the pasar malam because their kueh will sold out by 6pm!

They will pack up and drive off the van before sunset, so act fast if you want to buy. The stall is the lane near the Pondok Bit Polis, behind season’s cafe.

*Red pin on the map below.

There’s a food street between Jalan Dedap 21 & 22. Minutes walking distance from the pasar malam. The Roasted Duck Rice and Fried Kway Teow is worth trying!

*Take note the store is closed on Tuesday so you can’t get both the Kway Teow and the Roasted Duck Rice on the same day.

Location: Food Street between Jalan Dedap 21 & 22.

Hours: 6pm-9pm (Daily) Tuesday

With just only 5 mins driving to the night market from the Bukit Indah Aeon Mall and 10 mins driving from Legoland. Located in the residential area with one row of shophouse stretches around 220m with about 30 stalls.

This night market mostly caters to the local community of Malay, Chinese, and Indian as It offers a variety of local delight at a very affordable price.

Even Though it’s quite small but it’s good enough for you to stop by and fill up your empty tummy!

Location: Jalan Indah 22/2, Taman Bukit Indah 2

Hours: 5pm-9pm

There’s some stall from the KSL pasar malam can also be found here like the DimSum stall that sell big pork bao and the BBQ Seafood stall.

The Lelevov Mochi (Muah Chee), Rojak, PohPiah, and the Coconut Icecream there should try.

The night market stretches 350m long and located in Skudai distract that near Paradigm Mall and Sutera Mall with just 10 mins driving. You can go there fill up your tummy after shopping at the mall!

Location: Jalan Impian Emas 4, Taman Impian Emas

Hours: 5pm-9pm

Other than all the markets mentioned above this is one of the largest night market that filled up the street over 800m long with more than 100 stalls.

Situated in the shophouse area at Jalan Beladau. It’s mainly cater for Malay community as the food there are mostly halal. You can find all kind of stuff there you never think of, ranging from household item, furnitures, toys, shoes, clothing, electronic gadget, accessories, and all kind of stuff you could name it.

Apart from those stalls, there’s some stall selling fresh vegetables, fruits, raw fish, chicken and much more that like wet market!

Many local residents buy from there as early as 5-6pm to prepare meals for their family at home. Just like a mini wet market that happen at night.

Location: Jalan Badik 16, Taman Puteri Wangsa 81800 Ulu Tiram

Hours: 5pm-9pm

Some name it TUTA Pasar Malam. This is the largest night market in Johor stretches over 1KM at the shophouse area in the heart of Skudai district.

It also near to Sutera mall with just 10 mins driving or 15 mins driving from Aeon Bukit Indah.

This night market has a variety food like Japanese, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malay and Chinese stall, Some of the stall must try is the JiaJia Soya Milk & Beancurd, Crispy peanut pancake, Fried Durian, Fried Carrot Cake (Black), Kuih Talam, And much more!

Usually It would be very crowded due to many housing areas nearby. Furthermore, because of its during the weekend! So go early between 530-630pm should not be too crowded as 8pm.

Location: Jalan Perkasa 2/3/4, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah 81300 Johor Bahru

Hours: 5pm-10pm

It stretches over 400m in front in the commercial area located east side of Johor Bahru, within 3 minute walking distance from Permas Jaya Aeon mall or Renaissance Hotel at the other end of the night market.

It has descent food stalls can be found there and probably you will notice some familiar faces from other pasar malam like the Lelevov Mochi (Muah Chee) and Seafood BBQ from KSL pasar malam. If the street food is not fulfill your tummy there are many cafe or restaurant in the area as well.

Location: Jalan Permas 10/10, 81750, Johor Bahru

Hours: 5pm-10pm

Other night market that open everyday :

Pasar Karat @ JB downtown

Now come to the conclusion, perhaps you know which one are worth going and suit your timing. Most of the night market especially those popular that mentioned above, you can find the same stall from the other night markets.

They are usually setup the stall every day but different places, so if you miss out the stall, you will definitely find them at the other night market!

Here’s our insider tips before you go there:

  1. Take Grab/Taxi to the pasar malam – You will hardly get a car park there especially those happen on the eve of public holiday/weekend.
  2. Wear shorts but Don’t wear slipper – During the crowded hours it’s quite hot and humid, so wear t-shirt and shorts would help. Apart from that, some people will accidentally step or kick at your foot, so wear a sports shoe protect your foot!
  3. Go with an empty tummy – All the finger foods that could easily fill up your tummy quickly.
  4. Prepare wet tissue – Pretty sure you will buy and eat finger food while you walking, most possible your hand will get dirty with the food’s sauce. Wet tissue will come in handy.

Hope this guide could bring you valuable info and perhaps you’ll know more about pasar malam in Malaysia.

Which night market you like the most and why? Share your experience with us on the comment below!

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