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Jul 14
Top places to visit in Cameron Highlands

Image Source: Google Situated in the state of Pahang, Cameron Highlands is a prominent part of Malaysia. It’s a major tourist destination among locals who look to escape not only the city’s heat but also its frantic pace.  If you’re coming from Kuala Lumpur, there’s just something so peaceful about driving uphill and feeling the […]

Jan 03
7 possibly lesser-known attractions in Johor Bahru

Once a sleepy little fishing village, Johor Bahru’s close proximity to Singapore, multicultural heritage and sprawling commercial hubs have made it quite well-known in the last decades. Now, attractions in Johor Bahru tend every one to visit these amazing places which we are going to explain below.   More prominent shopping havens and urban hangouts […]

Dec 28
8 noodle dishes you should not miss out in George Town, Penang

Penang is known among both locals and foreigners for being a food haven made up of some of the very best flavors that Southeast Asia has to offer. There are 8 noodle dishes in George Town you should not miss out at any cost. George Town Penang Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures, races, […]

Nov 15
3 Reasons Why you should visit Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru or named Johor Baru in the Malay language, located southern part of peninsula Malaysia. From its 3rd largest city status few years ago, to the 2nd largest city in Malaysia. Let us tell you 3 reasons of why you should visit it. One of the main reason is it’s cheap weekend shopping in […]

Oct 14
A short guide to the most popular activities in Langkawi

Eagle Square – Dataran Lang White sandy beaches stretch out amid expanses of rainforest. Most of the activities in Langkawi are very popular. Langkawi has long been one of Malaysia’s most endearing tourist spots. Where does it get a large part of its charm from? Could it be derived from its abundance of unique wildlife […]

Sep 29
10 Johor Bahru tourist attractions you might not know of

Have a couple of days off from work? Maybe you’re thinking about a quick road trip to slow things down, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Explore now about most popular Johor Bahru tourist attractions. You may or may not be aware that there are many interesting places in Johor Bahru. Conveniently […]

Sep 27
Top 5 Shopping Malls in Johor Bahru & Why You Should Visit Them

There will always be days when you’re just lying around in your house and having absolutely zero ideas what you can do to spice up your weekends. If you’re experiencing this right now and for some reason you’re somewhere around Johor Bahru or even Singapore, then the easiest way to lift up the mood is […]

May 23
2 Days 1 Night Johor Bahru Shopping Itinerary

Here’s what Johor Bahru is rich with – shopping centres. There’s plenty of them for you to go around throughout your day and explore whether it’s purely for shopping, a food trip, or a mix of both. You can make best Shopping Itinerary in Johor Bahru. If you are interested in going on a shopping […]

Mar 21
An unique Airbnb Experience Road Trip through West Malaysia

Road Trip in Malaysia Are you yearning for a much-needed getaway? West Malaysia has everything you need for an incredible Airbnb Experience Road Trip/holiday. Wide-open roads, picturesque landscapes and accessibility to all the most prominent hotspots throughout the region are just some of the reasons to explore this beautiful part of the world and, on […]