How to go Johor Bahru from Woodlands-Singapore by Bus

Travelling from Singapore to Johor / JB downtown through the causeway can be tedious and time consumption if you don’t plan properly, It’s quite complicated nor challenging for the residents and travellers as the journey will need you to move around from walking, taking bus, and customs clearance for both side!

There are more than 400,000 daily commuters travelling to work, study and leisure. So it would easily take you 1-2 hour journey of the queue for public bus and cross the 1KM causeway over the Strait of Johor. Especially during the festival and holiday season it will add-on your time to 3-4 of hours!

There are two causeways crossing over into Malaysia with public transport, Woodlands causeway and Tuas link. Usually people are taking public bus from Kranji MRT and alight at the SG CIQ, it usually take you longer time due to the traffic congestion. So, let us tell you how to go JB from Singapore by bus more faster.

So we recommend the best and fastest route base on our personal experience as we often travel back and forth Johor Bahru and Singapore by public bus from Woodland MRT / Bus Interchange.

If you plan to go during the non-peak hour then you may consider taking the direct bus to checkpoint from the Kranji MRT station.

During the journey you will need to walk and stand a lot, so we advise to wear as comfort as possible like wearing a pair of sport / running shoe.

We do not recommend to carry a large size luggage and bulky item, try to make yourself relax and comfort to ensure you have a pleasant journey.

Presume you’re going to the JB downtown / Sentral via Woodland Causeway during the peak hour, we advice you take the bus from Woodland bus interchange to Woodland Train Checkpoint and walk to the immigration clearance.

Here's the guide below of How to Go JB from Woodlands by bus:

Journey start from Woodland MRT after you exit the MRT gantry turn right walk towards to the bus interchange.

After u walked down the staircase turn left to look for the bus queued of 856 at (Berth 9), 911 & 913 at (Berth 6 & 7),

It usually takes about 10-15 mins bus journey to the Woodland Train Checkpoint.

Then walk about 10 mins minutes to the immigration checkpoint.

After that go down to the bus platform and take bus 160/170 or 950 for $1.40 cash ( FREE for ezlink card holder) or the CW1 (Yellow Bus by Causeway Link) cost $1.5 cash only.

When you reached the Malaysia customs follow the crowd to the passport clearance.

*Hot Tips

  • If you’re Singaporean and plan to go to Msia often we encourage you to get a Malaysia Automated Clearance System (MACS) pass which allows you to pass the customs without having to queue to stamp your passport. You can get the pass immediately after you apply at the immigration office there for just RM30 per year. That could save you hours of queue during rush hour!
  • For pregnant woman, you and your husband can go to Counter 17 & 18 directly, usually it reserved for MACS and business pass holder so the queue is shorter, you can tell them you’re pregnant (must be obvious) and the officer will let you go with your husband.

After the passport clearance then you walk about 5 mins towards the sign of “JB sentral” and you will reach the JB Sentral and City Square mall via link bridge.

Basically the whole journey takes about 1 hour or less during non-peak hour, or could be up to 4 hours during holiday season! So plan ahead your time with our FREE comprehensive time table guide below to estimate the traffic condition.

The time table guide below is base on our personal experience and analyse the traffic conditions data from checkpoint.sg

Please keep in mind that this is based normal days analysis, during the holiday season, public holiday and other circumstances may be affected.

For more comprehensive Bus services info on How to Go JB from Singapore by bus click this link.

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We hope that this guide can help you to plan your time better and wish you have a pleasant journey!

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