May 30
How to go to Malaysia from Singapore by Bus

Image source: Asia One Across Malaysia, more than 100 bus companies can be found.…

May 30
Historical Landmarks in Sabah You May Not Know

When people hear about Sabah, they probably think of nature. There’s Sepilok, about 30…

May 13
5 Best Places in Johor Bahru to Visit for Fun Outdoor Activities

Here’s what you need to know about Malaysians: 86% of Malaysians live a sedentary…

Mar 30
7 most popular Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in Ipoh

Image source: Remote Lands Ipoh can be described as one of the more unique cities in…

Mar 29
8 Satisfying Cold Dessert Spots in Kuala Lumpur

It can get pretty hot and humid in KL. Thankfully, aside from there being plenty of…

Mar 03
Pulse Balinese Ipoh – Homestay Review

Ipoh is famous for its Food Paradise You can find the major food attractions including…

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