Jul 10
Visiting Singapore Zoo from Johor – An Affordable Guide

When was the last time you visited a national zoo? In fact, when was the last time…

Jun 29
5 Reasons Why You Should Stay Overnight in JB

You might find yourself traveling to JB for a business or shopping trip from…

Jun 16
KSL Mall JB Travel Guide – 2-days Program

Anyone who stays around Johor Bahru knows that KSL Mall JB is one of your best go-to…

Jun 06
The Best & Cheap Seafood Delicacies In Johor Bahru

Singaporeans and Malaysians might not be agreeable all the time, but there’s one thing…

Jun 01
2D1N Travel Itinerary in Kulai – Johor’s Hidden Gem

When visitors talk about touring around Johor, Johor Bahru is usually the focus. Of…

Dec 01
FREE Shuttle Bus in Johor Bahru

Everyone loves free stuff – you know it, I know it, and I think most of us have…

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