Insta-worthy and Colorful Places in Klang Valley

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A mini-break from life is a great thing at all times. So why not spend some time in some of the most colourful tourist attractions in Malaysia, to liven up your Instagram feed and your spirit! 

You might have a great time adding some lovely and colourful photos to your ‘gram’.

Sunrise at Kuala Lumpur

New, futuristic skyscrapers are great sights to behold. Colourful mosques, shrines and temples, green and lush parks and jungle areas contribute to the city’s vibe. KL has districts and areas such as Cheras, Maluri, and Brickfields. 

Culturally, Kuala Lumpur is also known for historical architecture. Top attractions include historical monuments like the Thou Tan Temple.

If you’re in KL, these Instagrammable locations are not only absolutely doable but are quick to get to and very photogenic. 

Consider waking up early and getting pictures of the sunset in the Batu Caves area. It’s apparently worth it!

Insta-worthy Places in Klang Valley


Batu Cave

If you’re in KL, these Instagrammable locations are not only absolutely doable but are quick to get to and very photogenic. 

Consider waking up early and getting pictures of the sunset in the Batu Caves area. It’s apparently worth it!

Before the actual colourful steps in the background, a colossal statue of the Hindu deity Lord Murugan can be seen at the entrance. 

You might see monkeys just hanging about as you step on layers of rainbow steps. It’s not uncommon to find bats flying around in the cave.

PPR Sri Tioman Courts (Taman Melati)

If you’ve seen pictures of Hong Kong’s famous and extremely colourful Choi Hung Estate (who hasn’t?) and you’re unhappy because you’ve never been there before, don’t fret; in Kuala Lumpur, we have something similar.

The PPR Sri Tioman flats, located in Taman Melati, have two bright, completely Instagrammable courts. 

The courts have abstract designs in bold colours, and if you happen to find the best angles to take, it’s a great place for your #OOTD pictures.

Thean Hou Temple

An impressive six-tier, Chinese-style Buddhist temple, it is said to be one of Southeast Asia’s biggest and oldest temples. One thing is for sure, it’s one of the best photography locations in Kuala Lumpur.

All tourists will be astounded by the oriental architecture of the building and the Taoist statues inside the temple, enabling them to explore Chinese culture and tradition.

This is not just ‘any temple in Asia’. This temple is a must-see and it will be a perfect post on your Instagram feed with its architecture and views across the KL area.

Little India Brickfields

The buildings easily complement the culture and people of the Southeast Asian community. It’s surrounded by a multitude of stalls, buildings and offers a plethora of Traditional Indian Food. Imagine how it’s like during the height of Deepavali season.

Petaling Street

Chinatown, on Petaling Lane, is like every Chinatown all around the world. It’s crazy-packed, full of visitors, noisy but pleasant, and a fantastic place for photography. 

With boutique hotels and Insta-worthy cafes sprouting up, the Petaling Street area is quickly the hipster place to be and is also well known for fine, cheap street food.

While a walk down Chinatown will provide you with thrills at every corner, there are a few specific unique places worth checking out. The Petaling Street Market, the Temple of Sri Maha Mariamman, Kwai Chai Hong.

Petaling Street Market is like a blueprint for the street markets for which Southeast Asia is renowned for; cheap rates, street food, sweat, crowds, noise, it’s the whole package!

You may spend hours walking around, laughing at the awful spellings on the fake clothes, or trying the odd local food like the famed king of fruits, durian.

Pintasan Saloma (Bonus!)

This is a new pedestrian walk bridge that linked Jalan Ampang near KLCC to Kampung Baru LRT Station, The design is based on Sirih Junjung (arranged betel leaves) and the facade is installed with a state of the art lighting system. Watch it change colors and patterns at night. 

With its uniqueness, it has been a very popular Insta-worthy spot in recent years. The colorful lights that cast on the bridge during the night are very eye-catching especially on big occasions such as the national day of Malaysia. 

It can be very crowded during the evening. So you need some patience to get a nice photoshoot there!

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