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If you live in Asia, seafood (particularly fish) is probably a big part of your day-to-day diet. It means you can never ignore lobster dishes in Klang Valley.

We Malaysians love our crabs, prawns and lobster dishes in Klang Valley, don’t we?

Malaysia has some wonderful attractions that locals, as well as travellers, enjoy while they’re here. Fortunately, a variety of fresh seafood can be easily found in markets or supermarkets within the country (Malaysia is no stranger to the ocean).

A lot of restaurants specialise in seafood and have emerged around major cities over the past few years.

Many of these places have some pretty delicious and unique creations and adopt a “hands-on” dining approach. Out of the many delicacies, lobster meals tend to evoke a sense of luxury with taste and texture thrown into the mix.

So, if you’re in the mood for some serious lobster dishes in Klang Valley, here are several popular options.

The Best Lobster in Klang Valley


Nasi Lemak Tepi Jalan Lobster dishe in Klang Valley

There are two places where you can find Nasi Lemak Tepi Jalan 1996 (NLTJ): Setia Alam and Cheras.

This spot serves the classic Nasi Lemak dish with a uniquely Malaysian twist. This is where you can find Nasi Lemak served with Lobster and wrapped in cheesy butter sauce. Now, doesn’t that sound awesome?

The initial stall opened in July 1996 at the roadside in Desa Petaling, according to their Facebook page and today, the younger generation that took over from their parents pays tribute to them through these amazing Lobster dishes in Klang Valley.

Surprisingly, this traditional nasi lemak lobster version has quite an affordable price tag starting from RM20, depending on the size of the lobster, while the crab version goes for RM25.

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Just Seafood lobster dish in Klang Valley

Just Seafood is strategically located at the centre of Sunway Giza Mall and has adopted a BBQ restaurant layout for hungry patrons. Everything is prepared in the kitchen and served to guests at the table, with each portion being enough for 3-4 pax.

Just Seafood, true to its reputation, serves just seafood and nothing else. The fragrant Louisiana Cajun Style Seafood Collection is the highlight of the casual food joint.

Platters include giant tiger prawns, squid, flower crabs and slipper lobsters. A spot to check out if you’re a seafood lover in the Klang Valley.

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Pince & Pints

If it’s lobster you’re after, there’s the Pince & Pints Restaurant and Bar in Bangsar. This spot is a best Lobster dishes in Klang Valley for affordable lobster fare for a variety of lobster enthusiasts.

Serving nothing but lobsters cooked four different ways, there’s a sort of specialization that’s precisely the drawing point of the restaurant. Their lobsters are self-imported in order to make sure they are as fresh as possible.

Here, you can find a dish called Lobster Noodles exclusively for their KL store, which is a version of the Chinese prawn noodles, but with lobster.

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Lobbee Thai Connection

Nestled away somewhere on Empire Damansara’s lower ground floor, Petaling Jaya, Lobbee might have once been called a secret gem.

However, since their delicious Lobster Tom Yum noodles gained traction through word of mouth, it appears it’s made quite an impact during lunch and dinner hours as well.

This is a spot for the tom yam lovers and the big eaters out there. Their signature tom yam combos – Scampi Combo (with river prawns) and Lobster Combo (with lobster from Boston) can be ordered as long as they are still available.

It’s a charming restaurant that proves lobster is a special dish that can be prepared in multiple ways.

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Prime @ Le Meridien Hotel

On the higher end of the luxury spectrum, Prime @ Le Meridien Hotel, located in KL Sentral, serves some of the finest halal certified imported beef.

Although generally known for its high-quality range of steaks, this spot also serves an incredible Lobster Thermidor dish – packed with loads of fine cheese on a halved lobster.

The lobsters themselves are often extremely fresh. Expect a scrumptious culinary experience as you dig through the delicious concoction to find sweet pieces of lobster meat.

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If you live in Klang Valley or are travelling through and enjoying some awesome lobster meals along the way, why not consider booking a unique stay that suits your personality?

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