Top 3 Durian Stores in Johor and Why You Should Eat Durian.

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If you are a durian fanatic looking for Durian Stores in Johor, look no further! In this article, we are going to introduce you to places where you can enjoy durian buffets to your heart’s content.

Without further ado, let’s introduce you to places in Johor where you can experience a truly authentic Malaysian durian buffet experience.


Durian store at Taman Sutera, Johor

Considered as the most elegant yet comfortable environment to enjoy your durian buffet in JB area, Duran King at Taman Sutera features a traditional-looking atap roof and a beautiful garden to feast your eyes upon while while you eat.

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Contact Number: +6014-3315555

Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily

Facebook Page: Durian king桂园榴莲王 

Here, you will find nice, big stacks of durians presented on their Durian stores in Johor, and you can choose the durians that you would like to have.

Bring your family members, friends and even colleagues along – this location will have more than enough to feed you with.

Enjoy Musang King, D24 and several other durian types that arrives all the way from Bentong, Pahang without travelling the distance here.

Kulai Zhong Cheng Durian Plantation

Their durians here are always in high demand – nothing better than getting fresh durians that have just fallen from the tree! 

It’s best that you give this plantation a phone call to ask about the availability of specific durian types before you visit to avoid any disappointment.

image credits: Zhong Cheng Durian FB

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Contact Number: +6012-7091106

Opening Hours: 9AM – 6PM Daily

Facebook Page: Zhong Cheng Durian Farm – 忠诚榴莲园 

One unique trait about this place is that you can find more than just the highly-sought Mao Shan Wang here – there’s also unique durians such as Green Dragon, Batu and Qi Lin among many others.

You will definitely love the friendliness of the plantation crew as well – ask them any questions you have about choosing durians and the differences if you are not too familiar with all the different durian types


Ah Tong’s Durian Stall

As their Facebook page suggests, Ah Tong / Adong durian stall caters to a number of durian types such as Musang King, D24, D101 and XO among several others. 

If you love durian buffets, you definitely need to follow their Facebook page!

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Contact Number: +6019-7473493

Opening Hours: 12PM – 8.30PM Daily

Facebook Page: 阿东榴莲

Between the 6th to 8th of July 2018, Adong Durians held an all-you-can-eat durian buffet for a insanely low price of only RM19 per person at Danga Bay Night Market. You won’t want to miss such an opportunity, would you?

With these top 3 three durian places where you can enjoy a durian buffet out of the way, we would now like to share with you 3 popular types of durians that you can find in Malaysia.

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Types of Durians & Their Differences

Musang King Durian Store in Johor

image credits: vkeong

Even if you are not familiar with durians, this is the must-know everyone who tries durians should know about. In Chinese, Musang King durians are known as ‘Mao Shan Wang’, and it’s the most popular type in Malaysia.

Here’s a little trivia to let you gauge how popular Musang King durians are – its price has rocketed from RM20/kg all the way to RM120/kg!

This Durian store in Johor have golden yellow flesh and has a creamy taste and texture on durians.

Black Thorn Durian Store in Johor

image credits: vkeong

This durian gained its name from its small black ‘tail’ that emerges from the bottom of the durian. It managed to outrank Musang King durians in a competition held in Penang back in 2002!

Rather than the usual yellow hue, Black Thorn durians have pale orange flesh. They also have a creamy texture, albeit bitter in taste, similar to how XOs taste.

XO Durian Store in Johor

This durian obtained its name from its aftertaste similar to that of alcohol. While this durian might be one of the more common ones found in most durian stalls in Malaysia, it is still one of the best-selling ones!

XOs usually originate from Pahang or Johor, so if you are in either of these states you are in luck for an abundance of XO durians! If you are one of the people who prefers bitter durians, be sure to try these.

Pros and Cons of Eating Durians

Did you know that there are health benefits when it comes to eating durians? Of course, some properties of the King of Fruits also renders it a little concerning if you eat a little too much of it. Below, we give you an overview of the pros and cons of eating durians.

Benefits of Eating Durians

1. Rich in Nutrients

Carbohydrates are a must-have in diets, and a small serving of durians can provide you 130g of carbs! One durian serving also provides you about 9.2g of fiber – that’s quite rich! 

One durian serving also provides you approximately 3.6g of protein. With the daily recommended intake of 7.8g a day, durian certainly helps! Protein sourced from fruits and vegetables can reduce the risks of abdominal pains as well.

2. Increase Happiness

Several studies have shown that there is an increase of serotonin in the brain after ingesting durians. Guess what this hormone does? It increases your happiness!

3. Antioxidants Antioxidants

in durians can help with cancer prevention – any free radicals in your body can be neutralized to prevent aging and dangerous diseases.

Disadvantages of Eating Durians

Scientifically speaking, there are no known serious side effects to eating this fruit yet, and there aren’t actually many cons when it comes to eating durians.

However, some people do not like the strong scent of this fruit and the long-lasting after-effects, including deadly burps!

This fruit is not welcomed in most hotel premises to cater to their customers, so you should definitely check to see if you can bring durians to another place before you head there.

Of course, it should be noted that durians are very heaty in nature, so you will need to drink more water with lemon when you having durian buffet. It will be good to eat this fruit in moderation even if it’s difficult to do so during the durian season. 

Things to Note While You Eat Durians If you find the fruit itself to smell or taste way too strong, try durian-flavored snacks first instead! Frozen durian is usually cheaper, and many would love the taste and texture of durian-flavored ice-cream, cookies and many more.

Try eating durians with rice! This unique combo is loved by most locals – a special mix from their childhood.

Some would prefer to eat frozen durians with freshly-cooked rice, while some prefers them both to be in room-temperature. Give this combo a try!

Some Durian stores in Johor will also sell mangosteens with durians – try ordering some along!

image credits: aromasian

The sweet taste of mangosteens pair up well with that of durians. After all, what better fruit combo to try that that of the king and queen of fruits? Mangosteens can help to reduce some of the durian fruit’s heatiness as well.

There are also certain combinations which are dangerous to eat with durians. Never drink milk after having durians! The resulting increase in blood pressure is strong enough that it can possibly be lethal!

Alcohol such as beer, wine or any other types should never be consumed with durians either. Durians have a high sulfur content, which can break down alcohol much faster than its natural digestion rate. You can suffer from severe indigestion, heartburn and even death if you’re not careful!

With so many tips and info about durians along with where you can enjoy cheap durian buffets, you are all set to enjoy at Durian stores in Johor!

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If you know about other places in Johor to enjoy a durian buffet, feel free to tell us all about it in the comments section below! 

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