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The House of Throne Hostel is a quaint and unique Airbnb guesthouse located along Jalan SS2/3, Petaling Jaya. Located near some famous eateries in the SS2 area and also a mere two-minute walk away from LRT Taman Bahagia, the House of Thrones is easily accessible to any guests looking for a place to stay for their vacations or workshops. 

House of Throne is a perfect Airbnb to host homestay garden wedding events. Upon our visit, we noticed that the sheer size of this place enabled the place to be decorated in several different styles and of course, to host homestay garden wedding events that normal Airbnbs will not have the space for!

Hosting Homestay garden wedding events

How many Airbnbs do you know that can host homestay garden wedding events, Art Bazaars and Commercial Video Shooting? Definitely not many, which is why we found the House of Thrones a unique accommodation that should never be missed.

Wushu Background

Just the other day, the Placefu team had an opportunity to interview the wonderful team working behind this exquisite Airbnb concept.

The founders, Chen En and Sandra, actually came from a WuShu background, which partly explains the WuShu weapons that you can find around the house.

In fact, the same WuShu background was what that contributed to the name of the house, House of Thrones!

Their traditional Chinese martial arts has sparked within them the determination and the hard work involved in striving for their own glory – previously in the form of gold medals for their WuShu tournaments, and now expressed through the symbolism of the glory they have earned – The House of Thrones.

Throughout the house, there are traditional Chinese styled-furnishing mixed with a lofty, comfortable experience. A look around and you would see the Chinese paintings with some calligraphy, wooden cabinets and of course, the Wushu weapons.

Airbnb Hostel and Guesthouse

These are mixed with a modern, minimalistic wall mural of their own logo, simplistic standing lamps and white benches located in their outdoor host homestay garden wedding events.

Speaking of their gardens, you would be pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere and feel of the outdoor areas – the hedges growing over the brick walls would become a romantic backdrop in some of their past guests’ wedding ceremonies.

Yes, The House of Thrones is not all hardship, battle and glory – it is also able to soften its tone and become a soft, tender area for its guests’ memorable moments together during their host homestay garden wedding events.

Chen En and Sandra were kind to spare us a bit of their time to answer some of our interview questions the other day, and this is what they had to share with us.

The Old Chinese Common area and front yard. We put a lot of effort into decorating and upgrading the facilities just to get more attention from our guests. We have done more than 3 wedding events here, and they will become our throne’s stories.

1) What is the background that has contributed to you as host homestay garden wedding/manager of House of Throne?

I graduated from hospitality school and I have a huge passion in this industry. Instead of a coffee shop, my partner and I decided to work on homestay as we foresee a better future in this business.

2) How do you meet your team and reach a consensus to start this awesome career of hosting homestay garden wedding?

We knew each other for nearly a decade. We share the same passion and life goals.

3) Please tell us the meaning behind the name of “House of Throne” and what does your homestay theme aim to say?

The word “Throne” brings the meaning of glory and every one of us must achieve something in our life – and that’s our glory.

4) What is the unique selling point that can make the homestay outstanding from your competitors?

Instead of just applying a modern and fashion style, we decided to turn the common area into an old antique area where we can WOW our guests. House of Throne is suitable for a garden wedding as well.

5) Which part the homestay are you proud of the most and why?

The Old Chinese Common area and front yard. We put a lot of effort into decorating and upgrading the facilities just to get more attention from our guests. We have done more than 3 wedding events here, and they will become our throne’s stories.

6) Have you ever met any special guest that made a great story to House of Throne?

We met a group of primary school students who were here for their graduation trip. You will be surprised that the house was kept clean and neat, even though there were 30 of them.

The story is totally different when comes to adults’ gatherings. You’ll realize that your house would be a mess when they check out. We really appreciate those who kept our house clean and take care of our antiques.

7) Was there any opportunity and obstacles had come in your way while you were building up your work?

We see a potential business plan and we are working on it. We believe that teamwork is the most powerful tool to overcome obstacle.

8) What is the most memorable experience that you have gotten as an Airbnb host homestay garden wedding events?

One of it was when we were able to join our guests’ wedding ceremony. We felt proud and we wanted to make sure that everything goes smoothl.

9)Please recommend any food and attractions in your area.

Nasi lemak bumbung, Tong Kee Hainanese Kopitiam, Pasar Malam SS 2, Hainanese Chicken Rice and so on. You can travel with ease to KL city via LRT Kelana Jaya Line.

10)Any plans or events coming soon in the near future?

We have a bigger plan! We will be focusing on wedding events.

Wow! We don’t know about you, but we sure are excited about what the House of Throne has in store for us in their upcoming developments and plans!

The House of Throne currently has 30 5-star ratings on their Facebook page, and they frequently update their page to inform its followers about their upcoming events!

With art markets, Throne garden barbecue sessions, eateries tour and modern wushu class being some of their latest available programs, we are looking forward to other surprises that The House of Throne will bring us next.

If you are interested to know about the venue availability and the booking rates, don’t hesitate to contact them via the business page below:

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