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Legoland Entrance at Nusajaya Malaysia

Johor Bahru’s tourism appeal (for both local and foreign tourist) appears to have increased tremendously via its many interesting developments, which include entertainment, commercial, shopping as well as dining. LEGOLAND Johor Bahru has a great role in this increment of tourism.


When it comes to family holidays, LEGOLAND Johor Bahru is the first international theme park in Malaysia & first LEGOLAND® resort with theme park, water park, LEGO® hotel and SEA LIFE in Asia. It is a noteworthy example of just how far Johor has come.


Whether or not you’re a fan of LEGOLAND Johor Bahru, drop by LEGOLAND® and you can expect a massive premise that allows for plenty of exploration. Encounter an array of things to see and do. Each section follows an order and there are various themes set within each of these areas.


Visitors will start their LEGO journey at The Beginning, which leads on to an assortment of awesome attractions!


Here’s a quick guide covering the sections that are currently open to the public and what you can find within them.

The Beginning LEGOLAND Johor Bahru

As the name suggests, this is the area that you begin your journey from. Enter the colourful spectacle of LEGOLAND. Purchase your entry tickets and annual passes from the many counters that are open here, while friendly Model Citizens (LEGOLAND® employees) help guests and answer any enquiries they may have.

The Big Shop

There’s also a range of merchandise and other neat stuff that can be bought in the many shops here, namely the Mini Market, The Big Shop and The Brick Shop. 

If you feel like having a little something before you go in, head on over to The Café, featuring a menu selection that includes snacks and dishes.


Are you ready to put your ninja skills to the test? This Ninjago themed section will take you on a superpowered course for only the strongest Masters of Spinjitzu.


The main feature of this area is LEGO® NINJAGO® THE RIDE (Asia’s most advanced 4D ride) taking visitors on a crazy course. You can control the elements of fire, earth, lighting and ice with just your hands thanks to the complex sensor technology that this attraction has been designed with.


Other points of interest include Zane’s Temple Build (a massive model of the old Ninjago Monastery) and the Sensei’s Shop (where you can find cool ninja gear and merchandise).

Miniland in LEGOLAND

Miniland, a prominent attraction at the centre of the park, is where you can find an area with tiny representations of various Asian landmarks that were built with a process that used more than 30 million Lego bricks! Yup, it’s probably safe to say that a great deal of effort went into planning and designing this impressive feat.


It’s an amazing depiction of famous real-life landmarks, including famous attractions from 17 Asian countries (the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore’s Merlion and even Johor’s own unique landmarks). Many of these icons are animated so visitors can look forward to enjoying an incredible miniature show at the touch of a button.

Imagination Area in LEGOLAND

This section lets visitors try and unleash their imaginative powers with DUPLO® inspired play zones for little heroes and plenty of activities (building and racing and more) for big heroes alike.


Attractions include the Build & Test corner, DUPLO® Express (a miniature express train for little ones), DUPLO® Playtown, LEGO® Studios (featuring 4D movies), an Observation Tower with a 360 view of the Park and many other fun things.

LEGO® Technic

LEGO® Kingdoms

Speedsters can enjoy action-packed rides and aspiring scientists can join fascinating LEGOLAND Johor Bahru workshops at LEGO® TECHNIC. Head over to the Aquazone® Wave Racers for some thrilling wave surfing sessions or the TECHNIC® Twister for a ride where you can control the speed of the spin.


There’s even a virtual reality roller coaster ride (The Great LEGO Race) that you can head to for a heart-pounding experience with twists and turns!

Ready for some dragons, knights and a medieval setting? LEGO® KINGDOMS lets visitors explore a castle with attractions such as Dragon’s Apprentice, the Merlin’s Challenge carousel and the Royal Joust (where champions can ride to victory on horses).


If you have the stomach for it, try The Dragon (a ride with daunting twists and turns across the heights and depths of the castle).

Land of adventure

In this area, you can find an adventure theme with Pharaohs and dinosaurs and if you want to feel like a real treasure hunter, enter the Adventurer’s Depot and dig up some apparel.


The Beetle Bounce is another exciting ride that catapults visitors nearly 15 feet into the air on a scarab beetle shaped vehicle.


If you’re looking for some meaty fare, the Burger Junction, featuring a selection of dishes can be found here.

LEGO city

The innovative LEGO® CITY has a LEGO® themed Boating School and Driving School, Airport, Market Restaurant (featuring Western and Asian favourites) and even a city stage that offers new live performances from the LEGO Ninjago universe.


The LEGO® NINJAGO™ Live Show is a puppet show featuring Bunraku, a traditional Japanese style puppet setting and features the characters Kai, Nya, Zane, Cole, Jay and Lloyd from the popular original hit series.

Water Park

LEGOLAND’s water park has an extensive array of things to do, see, eat and experience. This part of the attraction includes an assortment of water rides and shows, interactive building experiences that involve Lego blocks. Look forward to pushing, pedalling and rowing through the watery adventures that await.


Boasting a wet park section that offers about 20 big slides and around 70 different Lego brick models, you might just find that this spot makes the entire trip worthwhile.

Other main attractions and rides include the Joker Soaker (where kids can throw water cannons with a massive bucket pouring 350 gallons of water every other minute), Build-A-Boat, Wave Pool, Splash Safari and Slide Racers.


There’s also an assortment of shops, kiosks, stalls and vendors, offering a multitude of purchasable items ranging from food and snacks to drinks and Lego souvenirs, mugs, hats, clothes, costumes and probably the largest collection of Lego toys you’ve ever seen.


Opening Hours: 10am-6pm

Purchase your ticket at legoland.com.my/book-visit/admission-tickets-and-annual-passes/

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