7 themed cafes in KL that may be too unique to let pass

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When you go out to grab a bite or a coffee, think about it as not just about what you’re being served. What about taking in some unique sights, smells and sounds? What about a wholesome experience! You’ll experience all these facts through unique cafe in Kuala Lumpur

If you’re ever in the area, here are a few unique cafe in Kuala Lumpur that might strike you as unique and aesthetically dazzling.

Bukku Café in Kuala Lumpur

Looking for a quick moment of peace and tranquillity away from all the brisk walking around? Bukku Cafe is a quaint, cosy Japanese-inspired eatery located in Setia Alam’s quiet spot. Looking to feel less guilty as you get your morning coffee fix? This café offers amazing breakfast foods and healthy choices.


What’s more, the atmosphere here might leave you feeling that it’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is relaxing. White tones and wooden furnishing appear to contribute to a minimalist sort of interior and, in addition, there’s a rustic backyard too. Muslimstakenote. Bukku Café is pork and lard-free!

PULP a unique cafe in Kuala Lumpur

PULP BY Papa Palheta has apparently been open for nearly 50 years in a paper cutting room for the Art Printing Works factory and warehouse. A high roof, trendy coffee bar, a blue paper cutting machine re-purposed into a coffee table and an interior that makes use of natural sunlight, are just some of the gorgeous elements you can expect from this cafe.


PULP might be considered one of the finest and unique cafe in Kuala Lumpur by those who hold many of the coffees made here in high value. Expect food that’s just as good as the choices of coffee, including the pulled chicken ciabatta topped with braised mushrooms and potato waffle fries.

Flower Girl Unique Cafe in Kuala Lumpur

Flower Girl is a café that you might find among the most beautiful looking cafés in town. It’s a garden-themed café that appears to have gained some attention due to their hipster cuisine. 


With a menu that includes avocado toast with poached eggs, smoked salmon omelettes, as well as spaghetti, soups and beef noodles, they also serve a Rose Latte which comes with an actual rose on top!


Flower Girl Coffee is also known for its spacious event space. You can even think about making this the place for your next corporate event.

La Fleur x Uniqorn

Bright pastel pink interiors, a whimsical unicorn theme and a light-hearted atmosphere? Yup, in KL, that description might almost immediately sum up only La Fleur X Uniqorn Café, located at Sunway Geo. Here, visitors can expect a pool of pink and white balls at the entrance, great for diving into that next insta-worthy shot.


Patrons are also encouraged to pour their own latte art, with a menu that includes drinks like the classic latte, hot chocolate and matcha latte as well as the caramel latte, mocha and purple latte. Check out the selection of cakes, fresh waffles and homemade ice cream. The mango cake (Chee Chee RM18.90) is apparently worth checking out!

Old China Unique Café in Kuala Lumpur

Old China Cafe’s atmosphere might make you think about a bygone era. Hungry for some authentic Nyonya cuisine? Featuring traditional aesthetics and a cosy interior. It’s apparently a pretty famous place among locals and tourists so brace yourself for some crowds.


Nyonya food (a traditional genre of cuisine that combines Chinese and Malay cooking styles) can be hard to find in KL, which is why this eatery is one you should think of dropping by if ever you’re in the area.


Consider the Beef Rendang braised with coconut milk and spices. There’s also the Nyonya Fried Chicken, as well as the fish head curry. You can find rice here that’s cooked with coconut cream and tinged with a natural essence of blue peas. For dessert, the sago with gula Melaka comes highly recommended.

Departure Lounge

If you’re a frequent flyer and are in the area, the Departure Lounge (located at Damansara Utama) should be on your radar as a brunch cafe that incorporates aesthetic elements inspired by airport lounges. Its famous brunch and breakfast menu is the main attraction.


With an all-day breakfast serving approach, you can look forward to a build-your-own breakfast option made up of a variety of items, ranging from beef bacon, fried eggs and hashbrowns to fresh button mushrooms and french toast.


Take note, Departure Lounge has apparently recently undergone a revamp which has led to an interior that’s even better looking than before!

Sofflé @ Sunway Pyramid

Posh, quaint and minimalist, it’s a pretty little cafe in which you can look forward to satisfying your ‘sweet tooth’. Located in Sunway Pyramid, Sofflé purportedly serves soufflé pancakes in pairs that are drenched in sweet sauces such as Belgian chocolate or matcha.


You can even top it off with boba! Other popular items include the Chocolate for chocolate lovers, as well as the signature Earl Grey Boba Sofflé.

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