5 Best Places in Johor Bahru to Visit for Fun Outdoor Activities

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Here’s what you need to know about Malaysians: 86% of Malaysians live a sedentary lifestyle, spending at least 6 hours at their desks. In fact, 70% of these office workers get 30 minutes of physical activities or less while at work.

Come on guys! It’s time to get out and organize some outdoor activities for your colleagues or family members, and yourself! 


Johor Bahru is not just about Legoland and Desaru, there’s plenty of other places that you can visit and have fun – you just need to know where to look!

Check out these 5 places that you can visit in Johor Bahru for your next team building activities or family vacations.

Cape Cabana Sports Centre

Image credit from Cape Cabana

If you’re looking for an all-in-one recreational spot, Cape Cabana is your best bet. Located at the Johorean shores, you can already expect some fun on the banana boat, water scooter or some swimming in the sea.

This low-cost vacation spot is suitable even for big groups of people!

You only need to pay around RM30 for 20 minutes of ATV riding along the seashore, and it will only cost you about RM20 for 20 minutes of stand-up paddling at the sea.

This is also the first place in Johor to provide walking balls for walking on swimming pool surfaces at its facilities!

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Opening Hours: 10.00a.m. to 6.00p.m. daily

Contact Number: +607-505 8888

Plentong International Karting Circuit

Image credit from Plentong go-kart

Release all your pent-up work stress at this go-kart circuit! In a go-kart race, you never have to worry about overtaking your boss or anyone else for that matter!

Just strap on a safety helmet and enjoy the 1.44km go-kart circuit containing 14 curves (optimized for high, medium and low speeds) and 2 straight roads for you to speed through at speeds up to 160kmph!

You can enjoy an adrenaline-filled karting session with your friends and family, and aim for the #1 spot from as low as RM40 per person.

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Opening Hours: 10.00a.m. – 6.45p.m. on weekdays; 8.00a.m – 6.56p.m. on weekends

Contact Number: +6019-711 1733 or +6018-394 4733

Outdoor Learning & Adventure Asia Park

Image credit from AOV Paintball

Initially known for its paintball activities, AOV Paintball has expanded its services over the years since 2009 to include rainforest trekking, archery and bubble balls!

It doesn’t matter if you are from Johor Bahru or Singapore, because this convenient location can be easily accessed from both places.

Bring your family and friends to a relaxing or adventurous school holiday trip, depending on the packages that you want to sign up for! Anyone above 12-year-old can be a part of this exciting activity.

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Opening Hours: 9.30a.m. – 5.30p.m. daily

Contact Number: +607-3500 437 or +6016-760 6184 or +65-9104 8973

JB Downtown Ride

Image credit from downtown ride JB

We believe that good team building activities can also be held in a completely recreational setting.

Enjoy a relaxing bicycle ride along ‘lepak’ spots in Johor Bahru for as low as RM25 for 3 hours! Want a longer bicycle rental period?

You can book a bike for an entire day for only RM50 a day, and enjoy having a tour guide bringing you around for an additional RM200 a day.

You can enjoy a ride into the sunset as night falls, or have a romantic bicycle ride with your spouse as dawn breaks – there is no opening or closing hours for a unique traveling experience here!

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Opening Hours: Always Open

Contact Number: +6016-255 9094

UTM Equine Park

Image credit from FB UTM Equine Park

Set your next family recreational activities in a ‘back-to-nature’ setting with trail rides with or without an instructor, or bring your entire company on a lesson package as part of a long-term team-building activity at the Equine Park.

You can expect to see mini horses, a photoshoot session with the well-tamed equinnes and many more!

Children will definitely be thrilled to talk about their latest school holiday adventures with their friends afters as well.

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Opening Hours: 8.00a.m. – 11.00a.m; 3.00p.m. – 6.00p.m. from Saturday to Thursday

Contact Number: +607-553 6343 or +607-553 5761

Regardless of who you’re going for a recreational holiday trip with – your family, friends or colleagues, you are going to need an affordable and pleasant place to stay for the night so that you can rejuvenate yourself for the adventures awaiting you the next day!

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