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When visitors talk about touring around Johor, Johor Bahru is usually the focus. Of course, the city areas are always where it’s always crowded and busy with all its fancy shopping malls, theme parks and fancy cafes. But there are some great travel Itinerary in Kulai that we are going to talk about.

However, if you are one who prefers the old kampung-style vacation, you are absolutely going to love Kulai. Don’t look down on this beautiful countryside area! Even though it is deemed to be more of a village-like place, there are plenty of surprises that Kulai has to offer.

Why not take a look at our suggested Travel Itinerary in Kulai?


Day 1 - Itinerary in Kulai

Morning - Kulai Big Tree Lei Cha

Image credit: xiaosaujun

Visit Kulai Big Tree Lei Cha (古来大树下擂茶 / 古來21哩大树下擂茶 / 英姐擂茶) is a must-go if you are visiting Kulai. Here, you can taste Kulai’s signature dish – Lei Cha. A Lei Cha Rice meal might look very appealing with green soup poured over rice, leafy greens, ground nuts, and other types of vegetables, but this is definitely a top favorite among those who are more health conscious in this area.

The green soup itself is made from ground vegetables and herbs, making the entire dish nutritious, healthy and delicious.

Even if you are not a big fan of vegetables, you can try their yong tau fu sides – brinjals, chilli, bitter gourd and tofu is served as their choices here, and a single bit is enough to make you long for more!

The business here is so good that the shop only runs for 5 hours before they run out of food to sell for the day.

Afternoon - Johor Premium Outlet

Location: Jalan Premium Outlets Indahpura, 81000 Kulai, Johor

Contact No.: 07-661888

Opening Hours: Daily 10AM – 10PM

If you are in Kulai, you shouldn’t miss out the Johor Premium Outlet shopping experience! JPO is an area frequented by families and young couples everyday, but even more so during the weekends.

If you love branded products, that’s already one reason why you should visit JPO. However, if you love getting exclusive discounts and branded products with promotions and offers, that’s the best reason to visit JPO!

Here, you will find branded stores ranging from Baskin Robbins to Adidas, Coach, Kelvin Klein and much more. JPO is the best place to go for exquisite gifts for your own special person, whether it’s your own spouse, parents or anyone else in your life.

Late afternoon - Happy Land Cafe

Location: Taman Kota Kulai, 81000 Kulai, Johor.

Opening Hours: Daily 11AM – 4.30PM

Image credit : theboondingtool

Hungry for snacks and tea time? Hop on to Happy Land Cafe for some ice kacang and snacks such as fried chicken, wu xiang, and several others! 

The taste of red bean ice kacang or any other flavors that you choose will be welcomed in the hot and humid Kulai weather, especially after you have toured around JPO the entire afternoon!

This place is always bustling with customers regardless of the time, and you might need to wait a little before you are served. However, once the food reaches, you will feel that the wait was all worth it! Remember to get to this place before 4.30PM or you will not be able to make it in time for this delicious snack.

Evening - Melody Family KTV

Location: 123, Jalan Kenanga 29/6, Bandar Indahpura, 81000 Kulai, Johor

Contact No.: 07-662 5566

Opening Hours: Daily 11.30AM – 3AM

Image credit : Melodyfamilyktv FB

While Kulai is not too rich with a typical nightlife that you will find in the cities, you can still sing your heart out at Melody Family KTV, one of the many karaoke outlets frequented by youths, families and students alike.

Whether you are looking for Chinese, English, Malay or even foreign songs, you will be able to find them in their comprehensive karaoke song system. Just sit back and unwind as you sing along with your friends and family members, and order some snacks if you start to get hungry!

The good prices and cleanliness of Melody Family KTV also add on to the overall value of this premise.

Day 2 - Itinerary in Kulai

Dawn - Gunung Pulai Recreational Forest

Image credit: rainforestjournal

Love wildlife? Then you absolutely have to try the Gunung Pulai hiking experience! Wake up early in the morning and drive to the Gunung Pulai car park area through our location link above.

There is no better time to climb the mountains and enjoy the view from up above than early in the morning. This mountain is frequently visited by locals nearby who seek to exercise while surrounded by Mother Nature.

You can organize this trip with hiking guides around the area, or you can explore the area on your own. There are plenty of guides for you to follow!

Morning - Man Tian Fang Restaurant

Location: Lot 8098, Jalan Kelapa Sawit 6, Kampung Sri Paya, 81000 Kulai, Johor

Contact No.: 016-7644264

Opening Hours: Thursday – Tuesday, 7AM-3PM

Image credit: Man Tian Fang FB

There are quite a number of places where you can try Kulai’s Hakka traditional dumpling snack which is known as choy ban. However, most of the choy ban stalls are mobile – old aunties cycling around a kampung with a fresh batch of choy ban, or at stalls that change places every few days. If you want to be sure that you can try these choy bans, why not visit Man Tian Fang?

Choy Bans are vegetable-based dumplings with its dough skin made from rice flour. The dumpling would appear a little translucent, so you can see the fillings inside. These dumplings come in different flavors such as leek, mang kuang, and chives among others.

You will also find fried bean curbs packed into these dumplings, and the mixture of all these ingredients results in a slightly salty, umami taste. These snacks are steamed all the way through, so you can be sure that they are healthy!

Afternoon - Noon Wall Art Tour

Image credit: Deadcockroach

Back in the year 2014, Kelapa Sawit held a Sawit Art Festival to go along with the National Day that year. As a result, there are various wall arts and portraits hidden all around Kampung Sri Paya for visitors to discover.

This would be a good travel Itinerary in Kulai for you to cycle through – Equip yourself with a bicycle and a nice camera to find the wall art corners depicting the life of Kelapa Sawit citizens as you cycle through the turns!

Try exploring around Johor some time, you’ll be surprised to find all the travel Itinerary in Kulai that are available here if you knew where to look!

For best results, you may want to consult the locals – they know where to recommend tourists and visitors who are here to experience the local specialties.

There will be plenty of stalls selling food and snacks along the way when you tour this area, so feel free to grab some before you head back and end your 2D1N trip in Kulai!

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