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Feb 22
8 Incredible Western Eateries in Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru’s food has become famous for its great variety and quality. Like other parts of Malaysia, JB has a mix of different foods, and the Western restaurants here are really something special. Who doesn’t love a great steak, juicy ribs, or a tasty roast chicken? But with so many places to eat, it can […]

Jan 29
Top 6 bazaars and markets to check out at night in Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru offers a variety of delights, including delicious cuisine, breath-taking landscapes, and vibrant night markets. From the bustling cities to the serene natural attractions, the city provides endless opportunities for adventure. As the sun sets, the night markets come alive, offering a variety of mouth-watering treats, refreshing beverages, and fascinating items displayed in charming […]

Jan 19
7 Must Visit Instagram-worthy spots in Melaka

To many people, Melaka may have long been known as an iconic part of Malaysia that contains Instagram-worthy spots in Melaka with amazing landmarks and pieces of heritage.   Uniquely Malaysia attractions and picturesque aesthetics that hearken back to a bygone era can be found here and, even if you’ve been here many times, there […]

Nov 02
Ultimate Heritage Walk & Food Trail in Johor Bahru.

Downtown of Johor has been filled by many travellers from Singapore especially during the weekend. With the higher currency exchange rate to ringgit Malaysia in recent years, even more people are willing to spend the time and effort to beat the traffic jam at the Causeway link just to escape the fast paced environment in […]

Jun 06
The Best & Cheap Seafood Delicacies In Johor Bahru

Singaporeans and Malaysians might not be agreeable all the time, but there’s one thing that bonds us for sure – our love for food. While some of the others prefer chicken dishes, this article caters to those of us who prefers the soft and juicy seafood restaurant in Johor Bahru. In this article, we focus […]