8 Huge Shopping Malls in Johor Bahru You Could Literally Spend Hours In

Looking to spend an easy-going weekend with the family in JB? We Malaysians really have quite a ‘mall culture’ don’t we? So, hold on and explore 8 huge shopping malls in Johor Bahru

With so many malls scattered around, we tend to make them top options for fun and relaxation as well as access to necessities and of course, sales, sales sales!

Fortunately for us, Johor Bahru is absolutely packed with incredibly huge malls and plazas. Featuring a variety of stores, brand outlets, restaurants and entertainment facilities, you could literally get lost in them!

Here are just a few of the most popular options.

List of Popular Shopping Malls in JB

Located just 15 – 20 minutes away from the Woodlands Checkpoint, expect big, big big when you come to Capital City Mall! Just how big? How about 4 floors of exciting stores in a six-storey mega-mall with 1,602 retail units?


With a fair amount of focus on entertainment, the largest indoor theme park in Southeast Asia, MCM studio can be found here. It’s divided into three areas: Movie Planet (with movie-themed rides), Cartoon Planet, Music Planet offering live circus acts and theatre performances!


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Found at the Iskandar area of the Kulaijaya district, the Johor Premium Outlets is where you can find some of the most luxurious brands available in Malaysia.

Paul Frank-Premium-outlets-johor

Some of the trendiest, hottest and prettiest things, ranging from clothes to shoes and accessories are all right here.

It’s a shopping mall haven in Johor Bahru that’s also known for its “Saving Passport”, which lets visitors enjoy the latest discounts on featured outlets.

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You may have heard of the name before, however, Johor Bahru’s take on the Paradigm Mall is quite different, particularly in terms of its size.


This mall is huge, in fact, it’s known as the largest one in Johor Bahru (as of 2018) filled with an assortment of boutiques, book stores, gadget shops, entertainment outlets as well as a selection of food spots featuring both local and international cuisines.

Perhaps the most famous thing in this Paradigm Mall is the ice-skating rink, which attracts visitors, (especially during holidays).

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es, this spot is related to the Midvalley found in Kuala Lumpur. It’s a ‘sister mall’ and Southkey is extremely popular in Johor, even if it is considered one of the newest malls in town (having only opened on 23 April). There’s accessibility (it’s located just five minutes from Woodlands), and avid shoppers can find a huge number of stores.

Familiar branded options like Michael Kors, Coach and SOGO are all available here, along with famous Malaysian F&B brands like Lavender and HoMinSan.

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While we’re on the topic of new shopping malls in Johor Bahru, let’s not leave out R&F Princess Cove Mall. It just opened its doors in late March 2019, and one of the biggest reasons why this mall has been so anticipated is the many new brands (to JB) that were to be found in this mall.

Emperor Cinemas from Hong Kong, Oregin bubble tea from Taiwan and Kynchon fried chicken from Korea are just some of the notable mentions. It’s also a pretty kid-friendly place, seeing that there’s a Kiddomo store -which lets children learn through immersive play (Permanently closed).

R&F’s accessibility is also worth mentioning. It’s just eight minutes walk away from CIQ checkpoint.

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This dynamic duo, long known for being Johor Bahru’s busiest shopping mall spots has several factors going for it. For one, Singapore is accessible via First Link (with a bridge that connects both shopping centres together, leading to the CIQ First Link entering and exiting Malaysia and Singapore).


Komtar JBCC can be found drawing huge crowds due to the Angry Birds Activity Park (Permanently Closed), while JB City Square is more known for its incredibly diverse array of cuisines. Plenty of festive activities can also be found taking place during holiday periods.

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Japan Street at Aeon Tebrau City

AEON shopping malls in Johor Bahru can be found in many parts of Malaysia, so much so that you might even consider it one of the country’s most popular.

Many AEON malls are incredibly designed and well-equipped with plenty of attractions (especially the big ones). Well, the AEON mall in Tebrau City is too.


You’re probably going to find it one of the most frequently crowded shopping centres in JB, with a long list of local and international clothes brands, shoe shops, gadget stalls and Japanese food outlets.

The Fanpekka Indoor Theme Park can also be found here, so if you’ve got kids, don’t forget to bring them along!

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This gigantic plaza is famous among many Singaporeans who drop by to visit Johor Bahru during the holidays or the weekends. With restaurants, shops selling clothes, phone accessories, wellness outlets and massage parlours, it may seem like a typical mall at first glance.

However, there’s one distinct attraction that’s worth mentioning. My Library is an incredibly large store, featuring approximately 50,000 books, all of which cater to the nation’s four commonly used languages (English, Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu and Tamil). 


So, if you’re an avid reader or if you’re interested in picking up a few good books for the road, you might want to drop by if you’re in the area.

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If you’ve lived in Malaysia, you’re probably aware that we’ve got quite a mall culture. The number of shopping centres in the nation is outstanding even when compared to other, more developed countries.

Johor Bahru has many options to choose from as well so be sure to check out the places on this list if you’re looking for something to do this weekend and if you happen to be nearby.

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