Discover thier Stories

We believe every unique Airbnb/lodging has a story to tell,
inspiring stories that make us want to get there and experience the place.Therefore, we determine to discover new lodging, curate them and explore their stories. Bring them to you each month.

Let’s find out what makes their place special, learn more behind the scene, discover the hidden gem and food around them!

Sep 27
Tanah Larwina – INTERVIEW

Looking for a nature-based getaway after the long hours in office buildings and…

Aug 28
The Classic Malay House KL – INTERVIEW

The Classic Malay House KL is a traditional twist in the midst of the busy city life.…

Jun 28
Rimba Hang Kasturi Airbnb – INTERVIEW

Rimba Hang Kasturi Airbnb is a guesthouse located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of…

Jun 20
Pattern Stay | Unique Airbnb – INTERVIEW

Pattern’s 攀藤室, Airbnb in Batu Pahat, Johor No matter how old we get, there is…

Jun 08
Pause Ipoh Airbnb – INTERVIEW

This month, we had the opportunity to interview yet another Airbnb Superhost. This…

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