Mar 03
Creepy places to visit for some shiver adventure in Penang

Image source: Cleverly Titled Penang may be a beautiful island featuring attractions,…

Feb 15
Must visit 8 hot pot spots if you’re in the Klang Valley

Out of the many dishes that can be found in Malaysia, the hotpot in Klang valley…

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7 possibly lesser-known attractions in Johor Bahru

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8 noodle dishes you should not miss out in George Town, Penang

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Check out these 5 spots for lobster dishes in the Klang Valley

If you live in Asia, seafood (particularly fish) is probably a big part of your…

Dec 01
6 popular breakfast spots in Johor Bahru you should go

You might find Johor Bahru regarded by many as one of the most prominent food havens…

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