7 Must Visit Instagram-worthy spots in Malacca

To many people, Malacca may have long been known as an iconic part of Malaysia that contains Instagram-worthy spots in Malacca with amazing landmarks and pieces of heritage.


Uniquely Malaysia attractions and picturesque aesthetics that hearken back to a bygone era can be found here and, even if you’ve been here many times, there may still be a few Instagram-worthy spots in Malacca places that you haven’t visited yet.


Go off the beaten path while here and you might come across areas that are just as incredible as the other prominent tourist spots. From cafes to walkways, here are some Instagram-worthy spots in Malacca that you should consider checking out if you haven’t dropped by before.

Calanthe Art Café

The Calanthe Art Café. A place to relax, unwind and have some White Coffee during your stay in Melaka. It’s a spot where you can expect to find lovely food and drinks, as well as friendly staff, an interesting interior and a nice outdoor seating area.


Look out for plenty of other flavoured coffees (aside from white coffee from Malaysia) and choose your coffee drink based on which coffee bean comes from the 13 Malaysian states.


It’s been said that there’s a laid back atmosphere here, reinforced by maybe the occasional street performer serenading you with music from across the street while you have your coffee at the outdoor area.

Mods Cafe

At Jonker Street, this small coffee shop appears to take its caffeine very seriously. Expect owners that are purists when it comes to making the ideal cup of coffee from the back of an orange Volkwagen van with your typical flat whites, cappuccinos, and other espresso-based deals.


For these owners who’ve purportedly travelled around Malaysia in the same van to coffee-related events, it is literally ‘ coffee on wheels’.


It’s a pretty unique concept, and the aesthetics of the café can make for some great memories.

Sin See Tai Instagram-worthy spot in Malacca

Sin See Tai has been described as a repurposed backstreet shophouse with low-key backstreet vibes and lush plants dotting its entrance. Make your way upstairs through the narrow steps and you can look forward to a cosy attic with picture-perfect nooks.


In fact, this is dubbed the tiniest cafe in Melaka. Look out for a line-up of creative brunch-style food menu selections and homemade goods, as well as a great selection of coffee.

Heesan Kopi Instagram-worthy spots in Malacca

Heesan is a spot that you’re probably going to find quite popular, primarily known for its relaxing atmosphere, great food and warm service. If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy spots in Malacca to sit at in the afternoon, this might be the place for that in Melaka.


Expect to get freshly baked goods and an all-day breakfast menu that contributes to this place’s all-round appeal, while espresso-based brews and inventive concoctions (such as crowd-pleasing burnt latte caramel) are served to help you unwind.

The Stolen Cup

If captivating interiors that are charmingly vintage and a decor that reminds one of days past is what you’re looking for, The Stolen Cup appears to have garnered a following in Melaka as a gem with style.


An eclectic interior approach can make for some good photo opportunities and a bang-on-trend cafe focusing on great food and coffee, (particularly with croissant salted egg yolk and a gula Melaka latte signature) could be just the spot to spend a few hours with friends and family in Melaka.

Riverwalk The Instagram-worthy spot in Malacca

Cafes aren’t the only Instagram-worthy spots in Malacca. A walk along the famous Riverwalk, a pedestrian lane that takes you around the Melaka River should take place while you’re here.


It’s a really beautiful area that’s filled with intricate details from old restored buildings to a river cruise that you can take your significant other on. Look out for plenty of cool street art and an old bridge that you can find along the way.

Dutch Square

The lively Dutch Square with terracotta-red buildings is perhaps one of the spots that Melaka is best known for. Ironically, until 1911, when the British repainted them to a new colour, the buildings were apparently originally white. A variety of landmarks can be found throughout the area.


The Stadthuys, which translates into city hall, is a historic building that you can look out for, located in the heart of the town. It seems that, together with the adjacent red clock tower, work was finished in 1650.

Melaka is known for some of the most fascinating spots to chill in Malaysia. If you’re planing your trip to stay a few nights or visiting friends/family, below are some of our featured lodging and cafe for your consideration.

Insta-worthy Cafes and Lodges in Malacca

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